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Kendall Leon Walker


Registered Associate Marriage & family therapist No. AMFT 138131

DBT / cbt / Solution Focused therapist

I work with (but am not limited to):

individual therapy (teens, adults, children)







emotional regulation


abuse survivors


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Dr Hathaway & Associates Family Therapy, Inc.

Supervised by Heather Hathaway

No. LMFT 51143

About Me

Hello! My name is Kendall Leon Walker! I have two young children, a loving husband, a therapy pig, and a strong desire to help and support others! I graduated from Pepperdine University's MFT, GSEP Program in 2022. I am a passionate DBT-focused AMFT who strives to provide a safe space to heal, grow, and develop new mental resources. My priority as a therapist is to help my clients set and accomplish meaningful goals while remaining authentic to their core values. I strongly believe in conducting therapy at the client's pace; there is no timeline that healing "should" be done in. I am very empathetic, nurturing, and understanding by nature and I utilize these qualities to help my clients feel validated, heard, and seen in a new light. As a therapist, there is a great benefit in using a psychodynamic approach to make connections to childhood and present or reoccurring symptoms. Fitting the "puzzle pieces" together will enable us to build awareness and guide us toward the appropriate treatment plan. I am also a solution-focused therapist who encourages clients to process emotions while gaining in-depth insight to execute a plan that minimizes future negative symptoms. My goal as a therapist is to guide my clients toward having secure independence that maintains their therapeutic progress long-term. I am very focused on helping clients set boundaries, advocating for themselves, validating feelings, and encouraging new perspectives. "One's perception is their reality…." Think about that statement for a minute. Feelings are something that nobody can take away from you. Feelings are owned by you, period. I strongly encourage this concept, as our thoughts play a significant role in how we see our world and view situations. I am motivated and ready to help an array of clients with uniquely developed interventions that I consciously adapt to each individual. There are 7 billion versions of a human, which means one treatment will never fit all! You are not alone. You are capable. You are strong. You deserve to feel good. Let's find a suitable treatment plan together!

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Hear from actual clients


"I can't believe how lucky I am to have been matched with my amazing therapist, Kendall! The growth I've had in my last year with her has been greater than any other year of my adult life. She is supportive, kind, understanding and smart. She's helped me let go of many negative thoughts that were keeping me stuck and made me feel supported every step of the way. I'm proud of myself, I'm functioning better, I'm happier and healthier and I've never seen so much potential in my future before thanks to our work together."


"Kendall is responsive and professional. I have referred several friends to her, and would recommend without hesitation to anyone else seeking a safe space for therapy and self-introspection.”


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"Coming to therapy to handle my relationship anxiety and work stress has helped so much in terms of developing coping skills! I have Kendall to thank as she has been the most helpful and is able to take my thoughts when they are all over and give me a clear path to understand!

I feel like I am a much better person and I feel more content with myself and relationships :)) I also noticed that attending therapy, especially after stressful days, has been super effective in helping me cool down and I am so thankful for Kendall for being so flexible and understanding when I need help!! It changed my life honestly!"


If You're Ready, I'm Ready!

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our perception is our reality

Intention is separate from perception. Validation is a major piece that should be integrated into healthy and effective communication patterns.

nobody can invalidate your feelings

Your feelings are YOURS! Others may dismiss them, but that does not change the fact that the feeling is/was present. Let's create a space together to talk about those feelings.

lets set boundaries and goals

We will assess signs of healthy and unhealthy boundaries and connect it to a strong sense of identity and direction.

Let's talk!


From the convenience of your own home

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(949) 229-2461